Sunday, 29 September 2013

Documentary: Goonga Pehelwan (2013)

A documentary that follows India’s most successful deaf athlete on his unlikely quest to reach the Rio Olympics 2016 and become only the second deaf wrestler in the history of the Olympics to do so.

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Brief Description:

In a country that hardly produces world champions and Olympic medalists, here is a man who, for the better part of his life, has been just that - a World Champion and a Deaflympics (Olympics for the Deaf) Gold Medalist. 

This film is a story of grit, fierce dedication and hope. This film is an attempt to make possible the dream of India’s most successful deaf athlete, his dream of making it to the Rio Olympics 2016. 

This is Virender Singh’s story – a captivating account of the life of an incredible athlete; an athlete largely unknown, snubbed by the bureaucracy but who is no mood to let up as he continues to wrestle on.

For a man who has faced apathy and penury, scraping a living out of fighting traditional mud wrestling competitions against other able-bodied athletes and who never thought of giving up the sport, even in very difficult circumstances - he shows no signs of letting up but his eyes betray what he feels deep inside. This is the story of a wrestler, a warrior and most importantly, a winner.

Now, as Virender gears up for his third Deaflympics appearance, at Sofia, Bulgaria, this film delves into and tracks his life from the by-lanes of a small village in Haryana to becoming India's most successful deaf athlete ever and aims at fulfilling the long-cherished dream of every athlete; to go to the biggest sporting event in the world, the Olympics. On the way, it looks at all that he as endured and achieved through a glittering decade and a half long career.

The struggle that Virender faces outside the wrestling arena are the tougher ones because inside the ring he is in total control and there aren’t too many fights that he loses. 

It’s the battles outside the ring that this film endeavors to make him win. India - Virender wants to hear from you. 

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