Monday, 18 November 2013

Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd (2013) 

"Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd" is an upcoming 'Hatke' Gujarati feature film. A fun family comedy! Coming soon in Multiplexes near you! (Dec. 6, 2013).

Titled Happy Familyy Pvt. Ltd. and featuring Rajeev Mehta (famously known for playing Praful in popular TV series Khichdi) along side Vrajesh Hirjee (popularly known for his role in Golmaal) as leads, Happy Familyy Pvt. Ltd. tries to dish out a fresh and new perspective on modern Gujarati families.

The storyline revolves around the very rich, and extremely busy Mehta family of Mumbai that gets into the situation of having to live their lives without money!

When Mr. Uttam Mehta, played by Rajeev Mehta, is almost shot, all the Mehta family members are scared to death, and are advised to go and hide at a far away location. Mehta family moves to Antillapur.


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